sunday September 30th, 2018    10-13 + 15-18 h  - DanceLab Studio

Workshop for dancers, movers, educators and/or performers

In these 3+3 hour workshop we will learn movement sequences for achieving 3-dimensional muscle balance in our trunk and body core. We will address the non-static use of abdominal wall muscles in stabilizing our trunk for balance and control; maintaining strength and symmetry in the muscles of our back for spinal health and injury prevention; and the separate articulation of our hip joints for improving our movement technique. Short anatomy reviews, exercises, and movement phrases will enhance our understanding and ability to perform with clarity and power.

Movement material includes "Trunk Stabilization" and "Turn-out Dance", two therapeutic choreographies by Irene Dowd, which can be used as short conditioning programs and passed on to benefit others. These sequences can be adapted to movers of all levels of experience; all are welcome.

Concrete knowledge of anatomy prevents injuries, and gives us the tools for problem-solving our individual challenges. Balancing the muscles around each joint can solve many alignment issues, chronic pains, and contribute to our longevity as dancers/performers. Movement teachers and body workers of many disciplines can benefit from this course as well.

Susan Hefner is a former soloist with Nikolais Dance Theatre, a choreographer and dancer for 45 years, and a movement teacher. Susan has studied intensively with renowned anatomist Irene Dowd, and was a teaching assistant to Irene for 10 years, helping her run a dancers' clinic. She taught anatomy and kinesiology for dancers at Hunter College for 13 years, and has also taught at Movement Research, the Limon Institute, and Long Island University in New York, Escuela Nacional de Danza in Mexico, Columbia College in Chicago, Southern Danceworks, and the International Summer School of Dance in Tokyo. She currently teaches and maintains a private practice in neuromuscular training in New York City. See www.susanhefnertraining.com.

Price: Kč 1500,- for 3+3 hours    Kč 900,- for one block (3 h) 

Block 1: 10-13 h    Trunk Stabilization

Block 2: 15-18 h   Turn-out Dance

Payments  account no: 666099/5500