Platform for Somatic Work and Education

What is Somatic work

Somatic work is based on understanding, that all we need for our healing and for realizing our full potential is inside of us.  We can achieve it when we learn to listen to our internal body processes continuously adapting in time.  Soma is experienced as a living body felt from the depth, capable of reflecting itself. The moment that it dies it ceases to be a soma and becomes a body.

The Greek root of the word soma as " the living body in its wholeness" was further coined by Thomas Hanna into somatics. Now we distinguish somatic bodywork, somatic psychology and somatic movement.

What we believe

We believe that everyone can achieve their maximal potential in order to live and experience better quality of life.

We understand that the path to health is to balance  physical, emotional and mental levels of our Self. Somatic disciplines are such paths leading

...... to increasing our creative potential

....... towards integrated self knowledge

....... to personal transformation

What we offer

  • A platform for somatically oriented professionals in the Czech Republic
  • Somatic education, somatic art and therapies
  • Professional quality of teachers, facilitators
  • Connecting somatic disciplines and creating international relationships

How ?

  •    regular classes   
  •    workshops 
  •    training programs - tipy na výlet