Rena Milgrom

"I am interested in cultivating authenticity and creative self-agency.  I love to be inspired and to inspire. By sharing space and time with my students, we create healing and sacred temporary autonomous zone. "

Rena Milgrom

"I appreciate being with shared space with people, where we are able to awaken embodiment and through the body in motion finding the connections with life stories."

I am interested in mindfulness and I invite you to observe how our perception is organised and how we can change it for our benefit. It is beautiful to see what people are going through and how their power and wisdom is manifested. I'm interested in how we can express ourselves in the flow of events and the flow of movement, be a part, have movement dialogues and recover.

Rena Milgrom, CMA, TPT, RSME 

Graduated at LIMS, N.Y. (Laban/Bartenieff Institue of Movement Studies) and finished 4-year training of Dance-Movement Therapy in Prague. Rena is a registered somatic movement educator (RSME) by ISMETA.  As a teacher, she has 20 years of praxis - coming from dance to somatic movement art and therapy. She created a number of choreographies, organized a five-year cycle of Dance Meridian Festival and since 2011 she is choreographing Global Water Dance in Prague.  Between 2012-17 she was teaching Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies at the Palucca Conservatory in Dresden.

Rena is a founder of DanceLab studio in Prague,  where she leads somatically oriented movement/voice classes, programs and private clinic.  She also works with Parkinson patients under Parkinson-Help NGO.

Her current interest is deepening somatic education in Hakomi method and in Authentic Movement.

Rena is an author of Conscious Body program and co-teaching in voice-movement integration training BodyVoice created by Smadar Emor (IZ).