Rena Milgrom

"I am interested in guiding people towards their authenticity and creativity.  I love to be inspired and to inspire. By sharing space and time with my students, we create healing and sacred temporary autonomous zone.

Rena Milgrom

Graduated at LIMS, N.Y. (Laban/Bartenieff Institue of Movement Studies) and finished 4-year training of Dance-Movement Therapy in Prague. Rena is a registered somatic movement educator (RSME) by ISMETA.  As a teacher, she has 20 years of praxis - coming from dance to somatic movement art and therapy. She created a number of choreographies, organized a five year cycle of Dance Meridian Festival and since 2011 she is choreographing Global Water Dance in Prague.  Between 2012-17 she was teaching LMA at the Palucca Dance School in Dresden.

Rena lives in Prague, where she leads somatically oriented dance/voice and therapy studio DanceLab. Therapeutically she is working with individuals and with a group of Parkinson patients.

Her current interest is  deepening somatic education in Hakomi method and in Authentic Movement.

Rena is an author of a somatic program called Conscious Body.