My body – my haven. Heart.

What can I do to feel that my body is my home, my safe harbor? How to learn to care first about ourselves and only after that about others? Some of us are good at selfcare, nevertheless many feel obliged to breathe and care solely for others, for values, for visions... and then only an empty shell without a core remains out of selfcare.

I am also facing difficulties to make self-care my daily habit. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by worries and fears, I feel tension or tiredness in my body or on the contrary I try to find a way out through intensive muscular activities using a lot of strengths. Luckily, I am now more skilled to recognize that I am disconnecting myself from my body and I am able to find some somatic movement medicine. I use what I learned from my teachers – Rena Milgrom, Martha Eddy, Linda Tumbarello and others. Thanks to my former somatic movement experience I am able to nourish and support myself and restore life energy needed for supporting others. You are welcome to join me to exploring which self-care options works for you. There will be a couple of videos on that topics.

The first 20 minutes session is dedicated to nourishing Heart through somatic movement. It will be handy to be dressed comfortably and have a yoga mat and a few smaller and bigger pillows ready.


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