SOMA Festival PRAHA 2020

 SOMA Festival Praha is

postponed to 30.4. -1. May 2022

we are honoured that the co-organizer of this year's festival is the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague


INTERRELATEDNESS ... Interest to relate in gentleness... 

In order to be fully alive, we need to recognise ourselves to be in relationship: to ourselves, to others, to the environment, to our intentions, ideas, bodies and actions. Relationships are the drivers of our existence. Living relationships need our conscious attention, interest and gentleness, so that we are able to abide in their momentary quality. Togetherness and Interrelatedness are an active and gentle way of being together in a shared flow of interest and attention.



9:00 - 9:30 Registration

9:30-10:00  Opening

10:30-12:30  Trauma-Informed Somatic Enquiries for on&off the dance floor | Christa Cocciole (USA/D) more ►►

10:30-12:30  Rivers and Oceans Inside | Rena Milgrom (CZ)  more ►►

10:30-12:30  Feldenkrais, Breath and Voice on the Way to a Complete Self Image Petra Oswaldová (CZ)  more ►►

14:00-15:30  Energy, Strength and Mysticism of the Pelvis | Anka Sedlačková (SK) more ►►

14:00-15:30  Through my Cell Core to You... | Žubra Katarína Žubretovská (SK) more ►►

14:00-15:30  Structural Integration / Rolf Therapy | Vladimír Kučera (CZ) more ►►

16:00-17:30  Inter-Somatics: From Self-Regulation to Co-Regulation using The Somatic Dialogue in Coaching,       Therapy and Dance - Workshop Dieter Rehberg (AT) more ►►

16:00-17:30  At the Ends of the Hands Anna Línová (SK/CZ) more ►►

16:00-17:30  Emotional Regulation & Somatic Grounding in the time of COVID  | Stefanie Tack (USA) more ►►

19:00-20:30  The Interrelatedness | Anna Hogenová (CZ), lecture in czech language, more ►► 

20:30-21:40  SOMA FIESTA - Dance Jam with Hearn Gadbois and Tomáš Kerle



Morning workshops will be held in Petřín gardens in any whether

10:00-12:00  Between The Earth and The Sky Jiří Lössl (CZ) more ►►

10:00-12:00  subRosa Petřín | Miloš Šejn (CZ) more ►►

13:30-15:00  Inter-Somatics: From Self-Regulation to Co-Regulation using The Somatic Dialogue in Coaching, Therapy and Dance - Lecture Demonstration | Dieter Rehberg (AT) more ►►

13:30-15:00  Walk gently with feet that listen tenderly and give you strength |                                                                               Corinne Marquart - Ott (FR/USA) and Ann Moradian (FR/USA)  more ►►

13.30-15:00  Voice and movement integration | Smadar Emor (IZ) - zoom online more more  

15:30-17:00  Workshop - the topic will be published soon Rachelle Palnic Tsachor (USA) more ►►

15:30-17:00  Trauma-Informed Somatic Enquiries for on&off the dance floor | Christa Cocciole (USA/D) more ►►

15:30-17:00  Alexander Technique® | Šárka Provazníková (CZ)  more ►►

18:00-19:30  SOMA FORUM - Voices of the day - discussion and the End of the Festival


Lectures will be presented in original language.

Change of programme is reserved. Thank you for your understanding.


The Festival will take place at the HAMU Praha - Malostranské náměstí 258/13,  Praha 1


Registration is valid for the whole festival. 

You can choose to participate in specific workshops and lectures on the spot.

We receive your registration after submitting the form. It becomes valid after the full price will be paid within 5 days of your registration. 

Please send the payment to the account: 666099/5500 and add the note "Soma Festival". 

Thank you.

Cancellation policy: Cancellations later than 2 months prior the festival cancellation fee is 50% of the admission price. When canceling a month before the festival and less the fee is 100%. Thank you for your understanding.

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