Between The Earth and The Sky

SOMA Festival Praha 2022 -  Sunday 10:00 -12:00

Between The Earth and The Sky Workshop will take place outside in Petřín gardens when good whether.

Earth quietly and patiently provides its support.

Heaven constantly calls for growth.

And in between there is man.

Curious and inquisitive.

In the breath, in the touch.

In motion, in flight ...

Jiří Lössl (CZ) 

Jiří graduated from the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Music Arts in Prague, Czech Republic. He has devoted himself to teaching and doing methodical, conceptual, publishing and research work in the field of dance and movement in general. He was an intern teacher at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory (1992-1998). In 1997-2002 he led the Motion Studio in the textile atelier of the University of Hradec Králové. Currently he works as a teacher at the Theater Academy (DAMU) and the Dance Academy (HAMU) (from 2007). 

Jiří is the author of the projects: Aesthetic Movement as a Source of a Child's Well Being (a teaching program for pedagogues of rhythmic and physical education); Body in Motion (a tutorial program for Prague Academy students); and Body as a Tool (Training Program for the Center for Creative Drama). His choreographic work counts more than a dozen stage pieces. Jiří is continuously publishing in professional journals, especially about children's dance pedagogy, and, he is a respected speaker at symposiums and conferences. Since 1999 he has held a high post at NIPOS ARTAMA (The National Information and Consulting Centre for Culture established by the Ministry of Culture) for stage dance. - tipy na výlet