Lenka Sabolcakova

Lenka Sabolcakova

"Somatics for me is about finding and living our nature, humanity and interconnectedness. It leads me home - to myself. I am fascinated by bodily wisdom as well as the resources for revival, healing and growth that we can reach with conscious attention in the body. 

I respectfully examine how the body manifests in itself and it"s movement everything we are and also reveals to us what we could be - our potential..."

Lenka Sabolcakova: Somatic practitioner and Bodyworker

Lenka completed a three-year somatic educational and self-experience program Conscious Body led by Rena Milgrom, which draws theoretical foundations from Laban's analysis of movement, Bartenieff Fundamentals ament, Body Mind Centering ™, Authentic Movement. She works as Somatic practitioner and masseuse and studies the fourth year of follow-up somatic studies. She is engaged in further study of tactile work with the body, the study of movement and bodily processes.

Lenka is a member of the Improvisation movement group -  IMPROVISIT. and Coordinator fo SOMA Festival Praha. 

She is convinced that the deeper inner attention paid to the body is a path to healing, to personal integration (both physical and non-physical), supports our authenticity and deepens our connection with other people and the environment.

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