Lecture about Interrelatedness

SOMA Festival Praha 2022 -  Sunday 18:30-20:00

Anna Hogenova - lecture about Interrelatedness

The annotation of the lecture will be announced soon

Anna Hogenová (CZ) 

Anna Hogenova is a Czech philosopher and phenomenologist. She graduated at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport and Faculty of Arts at Charles University Prague. She lectures at the Faculty of Education of Charles University, where she heads the Department of Philosophy and Ethics, at the Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University, where she is the head of the Department of Philosophy. She covers topics such as movement, hidden truth , body and corporeality, and the philosophy of sports. She is associate Professor (1992) and Professor (Palacky University Olomouc 2006 [2]) of kinetic anthropology. In addition to public lectures on philosophy and being, she is also the author of the books 'Being and Understanding' (2016), 'Concerning the Soul' (2009), and 'Living From Your Source' (2019).

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