Emotional Regulation & Somatic Grounding in the time of COVID

SOMA Festival Praha 2022 -  Saturday 16:00 -17:30 - online via zoom

Emotional Regulation & Somatic Grounding in the time of COVID 

In this contemplative and intimate workshop we will work with our own individual COVID stories, mapping our inner landscapes on paper with pens and coloured pencils. We will reflect on our journey through 2020 as we engage the body in deep somatic dialogue. We will reflect and project to merge our past, present and future selves - synthesizing what we have learned thus far and where we want to go next.

What has happened? What is currently happening? What are our possible future outcomes? This line of questioning will take us into a somatic exploration of movement, organ work and self-touch to regulate our emotions and ground and balance our energies. Come explore co-regulation, emotional release, centering, support, breath and balance - and bring paper, pens and colored pencils or markers!

This is an online workshop

Stephanie Tack (USA) 

Stephanie holds a Masters degree in Dance from the Hollins University/ American Dance Festival Program at Duke University and was a professional dancer and dance teacher in New York City for 18 years. She has earned certifications in Polarity Therapy, Shamanic Trance Dance Facilitation, Spiritual Counseling and Hypnosis. Blessed since 2012 to study Dynamic Embodiment and Somatic Movement Therapy with Martha Eddy, Stephanie is also certified as a BodyMind Dancing teacher and is one of Dr. Eddy's assistants. Stephanie is a long time student and lover of martial arts and is trained in PNF stretching techniques through StretchLab. Currently, Stephanie lives in Los Angeles exploring the intersections of body, mind and spirit as she leads embodiment experiences and rituals for couples, individuals and groups.