Energy, Strength and Mysticism of the Pelvis

SOMA Festival Praha 2022 - Saturday 15:30 -17:00

Energy, Strength and Mysticism of the Pelvis

This lecture will focus on the pelvis, its structures and functions. The pelvis will be examined in terms of bone architecture, muscle dynamics, organ vitality, endocrine gland, its relationship to energy, and embryonic history. We will look at the delicate relationships between the structures and we will deepen our understanding of its functionality and care.

The workshop will use the BMC® approach.

Anna Sedlačková (SK) 

Anna has been a dancer, choreographer and teacher for more than 30 years on the Slovak dance scene. In 1995 she founded the AS Project dance group, for which she produced more than 15 dance performances. 

Currently, she is engaged with the functionality and expressiveness of movement, open dance forms and improvisation. She is involved in Late Harvest NGO, where she created dance pieces The Final Waiting (2014), The Elegance of Quantum Rabbit (2015) and Stories of Becoming (2017). Since 1996 she has taught Modern Dance at the Dance department of VŠMU (Academy of Performing Arts). 

In 2005, she finished her dissertation on Basic Developmental Movement Patterns - Body-Mind Centering and their use in Dance Education. In 2001 she received a Fulbright scholarship at Hampshire College in the USA. Since 2000, she has been studying and applying Body-Mind Centering (BMC) in dance and pedagogical work with infants and young children. In 2006 she graduated as Somatic Movement Educator in the USA and Infant Movement Educator in BMC in Germany. In 2013 she was certified as a BMC Practitioner via the German program.

 In 2004 she co-founded the Babyfit civic association, focused on developmental education and the specific BabySoma education program. - tipy na výlet