Through my Cell Core to You..

SOMA Festival Praha 2022 - Saturday 10:30 -12:00

Through my Cell Core to You..

My hands are listening to you, I hear you by my touch. I perceive your message deep at the core of my cells. I accept it. I allow my answers to fade away in the echo of your body. I will refine my softness and provoke my interest to become a support to your spontaneity and a devoted witness to your silence. I´ll be with you in being, in creativity, in presence... guided into our mutuality.

Žubra K. Žubretovská(SK) 

Devoted to dance since her youth, Žubra was initially drawn to Classical and Ballroom dances (Slovakia, London, New Zealand, Bolivia), eventually moving on to Modern dance and Contact Improvisation. 

She completed the 3-year program "Mindful Body" created by Rena Milgrom, enriching her knowledge of Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals, as well as engaging with Dance Therapy and Authentic Movement. 

She has honed her skills in many studios throughout the Czech Republic and abroad, and regularly participates in various dance and Somatic-Movement courses and workshops, as well as in festivals of Contact Improvisation, from which she draws inspiration for her work. 

She dances in several dance groups. Currently, she teaches Contact Improvisation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and leads the Somatic-Movement program "Vivid Body" in Slovakia, provides private dance lessons and therapies, guest-teaches Rena Milgrom's program "Mindful Body", and works with the University of Conscious Life in Slovakia. - tipy na výlet