Trauma-Informed Somatics for Social Transformation

SOMA Festival Praha 2022 - Saturday 13:30-15:00

Trauma-Informed Somatics for Social Transformation

The world has changed so profoundly in the last 2,5 years. The pandemic and current war(s) are on top of all the urgent realities we face, such as: climate change, social injustices and inequalities, to name a few. It is more important than ever to learn how we as individuals can develop and strengthen our embodied capacities in order to connect with others to make a greater social impact. The challenges we have now and which lay ahead are too big to face alone. When we theoretically as well as physically experience how our inner and outer awareness is linked, it can become a source of transformation and connection to take the steps needed in the world without burning out. All aspects of society need these skills in order to create generative cultures at work and in private settings. Let's take what we know as somatic practitioners into other fields in our communities. It's time to move together from the studio into the streets.

In this workshop we will:

• Learn about trauma responses and how they show up in your daily life • explore belief systems that might be a barrier to your embodied presence • play with expanding your repertoire of choices when responding to stress and trauma • discuss how we can take our body of knowledge into areas of our communities that need it.  

Christa Cocciole (USA/D) 

is a Berlin-based Body Oriented Systems Therapist (DGSF) and Consultant for Embodied Leadership. She weaves her background as a dancer, choreographer, and social activist combined with her spiritual practice, into an approach she has coined "Radical Presence: moving with playful compassion". With her work she supports Organisations and Communities in order to strengthen resilience and systemic social impact.

Her 30+ years of international experience as a movement therapist with a speciality in Trauma, has brought her to places like Bosnia during and after the war, work in Psychiatric Hospitals, as well as Team and Community building around Embodied Social Justice issues in the USA and throughout Europe. She is currently working as a therapist and trainer in her private practice (live and online) with individuals, teams, groups and organisations. - tipy na výlet