Closer to Yourself and to Other

SOMA Festival Praha 2020 -  Sunday 12:30 -14:00

Closer to Yourself and to Other

With touch you have kindled me

With touch you have burned me

With touch you have watered me

With touch you have frozen me

... and you do not even know that you are touching me

We live in the world of different beings - organic and inorganic - and we touch them. Not only with our hands, but also with our feet, eyes, voice..... are we aware of that? Are we aware of what we are affecting? In ourselves and in the outer world?

Clara Lewitová (CZ/AT) 

Clara Lewitová (born 1951 in Prague) is a physiotherapist, teacher and a successor (daughter) of Professor Karel Lewit MD, the innovator in application of myoskeletal medicine and a co-founder of the so-called Prague School of physiotherapy. Her activities in the field of physiotherapy began in 1969. For years she worked in Rehabilitation and Rheumatology Clinics and also as a hypnotherapist in Czech Republic. Since 1984 she has worked in the Neurology Department in Innsbruck, Austria, where she applies manual therapies in accordance with the principles of the Prague School: perceiving the patients from the functional point of view instead of focusing only on resolving the structural disorders of the locomotor apparatus. From 1988 to 1991, she ran her own practice in Innsbruck and developed a functional way of thinking and working. Since 1991, she has been working in the Czech-Austrian borderlands in her own practice, and is intensively engaged in lecturing in the field of Physiotherapy of function. Physiotherapy of Function by the words of Clara Lewitová is an approach in which: "I read from the form of the body, how the body works, how it moves and how it can move. The movement of the body is due to the tension of the muscles and other tissues. When we work on the best use of tension possible, so it changed the quality of human movement for the better. When it does, one can cultivate it, depending on his or her self-perception. The new muscular tension can cause a person to perceive himself anew, and perceive a change, to new possibilities." - tipy na výlet