Keynote speaker:  Rachelle Palnick Tsachor CMA, RSMT 

Rachelle is senior faculty with the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies and a teacher of the Alexander Technique. A Registered Somatic Movement Therapist practicing for over 15 years, she coordinated LIMS ISMETA training and authored Laban/Bartenieff-based Somatic Movement Therapy... methodology and case studies. In Israel, Rachelle founded LIMS Certification Program in Laban Movement Studies, and has been a guest teacher at Wingate College, The University of Haifa and the Technion. She is also certified with the Center for Mind-Body Medicine and teaches Mind-Body Skills for Global Trauma Relief at the Israeli Center for Integrative Group Counseling, sharing her clinical experience with these evidenced-based practices. Rachelle uses the art of movement to inform scientific research.

She is co-author with Dr. Tal Shafir of Emotion Regulation Through Movement (Frontiers in Psychology) and A Somatic Movement Approach to Fostering Emotional Resiliency (Frontiers in Neuroscience), along with numerous studies in movement therapy. Their research has over a quarter million views on the Tedx talk How your body affects your happiness, and is the basis of studies affective computing and intelligent interaction applying movement to such fields as robotics and machine learning.

Rachelle is Assistant Professor of Movement at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she trains actors. Her chapter on Acting with Bartenieff Fundamentals: A Somatic, Developmental Movement Training for Presence and Physical Characterizationwas published this year in the 2nd edition of Movement for Actors. She is a featured contributor to the Labanarium where she discusses a somatic movement approach to actor training in an hour-long podcast.

Mgr. art. Anna Sedlačková ArtD, BMC Practitioner 

Anna has been a dancer, choreographer and pedagogue for more than 30 years on the Slovak dance scene. In 1995 she founded the AS Project dance group, for which she has produced more than 15 dance performances. Currently, she is engaged with the functionality and expressiveness of movement, open dance forms and improvisation. She is involved in Late Harvest NPO, in which she created the author's and interpretative works The Final Waiting (2014) and The Elegance of the Quantum Rabbit (2015) and Stories of Be-comming (2017). Since 1996 she has been teaching modern dance at the Department of Dance Production at VŠMU (College of Performing Arts). In 2005, she accomplished her dissertation on Basic Developmental Movement Forms in Body - Mind Centering and their use in dance education. In 2001 she won Fulbright's prestigious scholarship at Hampshire College in the USA. Since 2000, she has been studying and applying Body-Mind Centering (BMC) in the dance and pedagogical work with motion in infants and young children. In 2006 she graduated as Somatic Movement Educator in the USA and Infant Movement Educator in BMC in Germany. In 2013 she became the BMC Practitioner awarded by the certification program in Germany. In 2004 she founded, together with Angelika Kováčová, the Babyfit civic association, focused on developmental education and the specific BabySoma education program.

Rena Milgrom CMA, TPT, RSME 

Rena graduated from the Laban / Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in N.Y. and completed Dance Movement Therapy training (TANTER). She is registered as a Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist (ISMETA), As a somatic artist, she practices and teaches non-stylized movement anchored in Mindfulness principles. She has created choreographies for Dance Meridian festival (2006-2011) and Global Water Dances (2011-2017). Based in Prague, she directs her somatically oriented studio DanceLab. As LMA/BF teacher, she works at the Palucca Dance Conservatory in Dresden, Germany (since 2012). As a dance movement therapist, she works with Parkinson's disease patients under Parkinson-Help NGO. Currently, Rena continues to deepen her somatic education - specifically the Hakomi method, the discipline of Authentic Movement (Circle of Four training) and Jogged Amerta Movement of Suprapto Suryodarmo. Hakomi She is the author of the somatic education program Conscious Body, which is now running its 7th season. Anna Línová, IDME 

Anna graduated from Eva Jaczová's eight-year Dance Conservatory and the School of Performing Arts in Bratislava, specializing in pedagogy of classical dance. In 2010 she finished the Infant Developmental Movement Education (IDME), which is part of The School of Body-Mind Centering®. Between 2001 and 2011 she was a free artist in the field of contemporary dance, movement theater and site-specific. In 2007, she received the award SAZKA PRICE for the best interpretation with the performance "Portrait". As an external pedagogue she worked at Theater faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and Academy of Performing Arts in Brno, Czech Republic. In 2010 she co-founded the 'Baby and Parents Movement Games' Program, which she let until 2014 while focusing on individual development work to babies. Since 2011, he has been an internal dance instructor at the Duncan Center conservatory. Currently she runs the Motion Laboratory workshops for Adults in somatically oriented studio DanceLAB.

Jiří Lössl 

Jiří graduated from pedagogy of modern dance at the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Music Arts in Prague, Czech Republic. He has devoted himself to pedagogical, methodical, conceptual, publishing and research work in the field of dance and movement in general. He was an intern pedagogue at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory (1992-1998). In 1997-2002 he led the Motion Studio in the textile atelier of the University of Hradec Králové. Currently he works as a pedagogue at the Theater Academy (DAMU) and the Dance Academy (HAMU) (from 2007). Jiří iis the author of the projects: Aesthetic Movement as a source of child's wellbeing (a teaching program for pedagogues of rhythmic and physical education); Body in Motion (a tutorial program for Prague Academy students); and Body as a Tool (Training Program for the Center for Creative Drama). His choreographic work counts more than dozen stage pieces. Jiří is continuously publishing in professional journals, especially about children's dance pedagogy. Jiri is a respected speaker on professional symposia and conferences. Since 1999 he is professionally involved in NIPOSARTAMA (The National Information and Consulting Centre for Culture established by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic) for stage dance.

Clara Lewitová 

Clara Lewitová (born 1951 in Prague) is a physiotherapist, teacher and a successor (daughter) of Professor Karel Lewit MD, the innovator in application of myoskeletal medicine and a co-founder of the so-called Prague School of physiotherapy. Her activities in the field of physiotherapy began in 1969. For years she worked on Rehabilitation and Rheumatology Clinics and also as the hypnotherapists, in Czech Republic. Since 1984 she practiced in Neurology departement in Innsbruck, Austria, where she applied manual therapies in accordance with the principle of the Prague School - perceiving the patients from the functional point of view instead of focusing only on resolving the structural disorders of locomotor apparatus. From 1988 to 1991, she run her own practice in Innsbruck and had been developing the functional way of thinking and working. Since 1991, she has been working in the Czech-Austrian borderlands in her own practice and is intensively engaged in lecturing in the field of Physiotherapy of function. Physiotherapy of Function by the words of Clara Lewitová is an approach when: "I read from the form of the body, how the body works, how it moves and how it can move. The movement of the body is due to the tension of the muscles and other tissues. Then we work on the tension to bee best possible, so it can change the quality of human movement for the better. When it does, one can cultivate it, which depends on his or her self-perception. The new muscular tension can cause a person to perceive himself newly again and perceive a change, and so the new possibilities."

Petra Oswaldová 

Petra graduated from the Department of Nonverbal and Comedy Theater at HAMU and from the Department of Creative and Pedagogical Studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where she currently works as an internal teacher of movement disciplines. For six years she worked as an actress of the movement theater in the author's projects by director Jana Svobodová at the Archa Theater in Prague. She has also devoted herself to author creation and teaching of movement for several years as a lecturer in the program for children at the Alfred junior in Alfred ve dvoře Theater. In the field of Feldenkrais® Method she finished Feldenkrais® Training Program (2001-2006) at the Feldeknrais Studiengesellschaft Wien in Vienna and the two-year Feldenkrais® Master Class, specialized in the individual form of the Feldenkrais method - Functional Integration - at the Feldenkrais® Institut Wien (2010-2012). She deals with The Feldenkrais method professionally - conducts regular individual and group lessons and seminars for professionals and the public. As an outsourcer she teaches at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine in Prague, at the Faculty of Medicine of the OSU in Ostrava and at the FTVS UK in Prague - in the fields of physiotherapy and rehabilitation and in courses in lifelong learning. In her individual practice she focuses on the functional integration and works mainly with children with special needs - most often with the diagnosis of DMO and its various manifestations, autism spectrum disorders and ADHD syndrome. At the same time, he works with adults whose dramas (serious injuries or illnesses) have caused significant restrictions on movement and hence quality of life as such. Petra also works with top athletes. She is the author of the book "Feldenkrais, Breath and Voice", Brkola s.r.o., Prague 2015.

Mgr. Šárka Provazníková 

Mgr. Šárka Provazníková has nearly two decades of experience with the Alexander Technique and has been teaching professionally since 2006. She completed a 3-year, full-time training and certification course for individual and group work. In her work, she draws primarily upon AT principles of natural upright design, which she finds absolutely fascinating. She is also inspired by her experience with tai-chi, yoga, meditation, breath work, different type of dances and rituals, and also her psychotherapeutic praxes. She has been continously deepening her knowledge and skills in this field, she takes part in many workshops and congresses all over the world. Šárka worked with group of actors in Prague Film School  she leads workshops for physiotherapists, musicians, dancers, midwives and also for seniors.

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