Smadar Emor (Israel), MA

dancer, choreographer, vocal artist, founder of the method "Voice in Movement Integration-Vocal Biography", manager of Synapsa center for multi-disciplinary voice- movement research in Israel.

Throughout my life I continue to study various methods relating to somatic movement, dance and voice. I take my inspiration from my teacher Maud Robar (Haiti), Jerzy Grotowski, Contact Improvisation, Butó, Voice-Movement Therapy and Hakomi psychotherapy, but maily I draw from my personal research and many decades of practice.
For more than 20 years I have been leading my program Voice in Movement Integration in Israel, guest-teaching in various Art Universities, coaching actors, dancers and running my private clinic

Academic Background:

Bezalel Academy of Art, Department of Environmental Design.
Rubin Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem (Eshkol - Wachman Department of Movement Notation).
Tel Aviv University - Theater and performance department, thesis "The Musical Body Self "

 Rena Milgrom, CMA, RSME, DMT

Rena Milgrom (Czech Republic), CMA, RSME, DMT
dancer, dance/movement therapist, registered Somatic Movement Educator, Laban Movement Analyst. founder of DanceLab studio Praha, creator of "Consciouss Body" somatic program.

After 15 years of performing, teaching and researching Central Asian dance and rituals, my work is currently focused on teaching , group facilitating, authentic dance/visual work and providing individual expressive therapy clinic. I love to create a space, where art and healing meet, where we laugh and cry, dance, touch and where we observe our present moment while moving. My aim is to bring the studio work into daily life and into intimate relationship with our Self, thru which we can built a better community"

Related Studies:
Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, N.Y. ( 550 h)
TANTER Praha - Dance-Movement Therapy training (4 years)
Hakomi Somatic Psychotherapy (Spain)
Authentic Movement

Body-Mind Centering™ - Infant Development Movement Education ( 60 h)                                                

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