It is the goal of BodyVoice to promote:

• Vitality, spontaneity, creativity, flow, flexibility, ability to improvise
• Bodily presence
• Deepened  abilities for intimate and alive communication: with oneself and the others
• Practicing support and empathy as  a source of harmonic growth
• Development of a living, breathing core
• Practice of mental and physical relaxation in order to develop physical, emotional and
  spiritual intuition
• Access to the body's natural musicality
• Deepening the capacity of listening to internal rhythms, inner voice and impulses
• Deepening and enlarging capacity for dialogue and regulation between internal
  rhythms (Self) and external rhythms (the world).
• Expanding the possibilities for emotional expression
• Harmonic development /coordination and attention- distribution between four centers:  mental,    emotional, physical & instinctive
• Balance between active and passive, between non-doing and doing, between the
emergence of impulse and the action
• Expanding inner space for silence and for the emergence of
precise action from a space of silence
• Exercise of the ability to contain contradictions and rapid changes
• A combination of spontaneity and awareness that allow freedom of choice and
being chosen
• Practicing a live and creative dialogue within the group
• Expanding the ability to express one's inner truth, without fear and
• Acquisition of skills for development of artistic expression in movement and
voice - tipy na výlet