Format of the program

Four teaching blocks per year:

Winter -  5 days in Prague
Spring -  5 days in Prague
Summer - 5 days in Prague

Summer week-  7 days in the countryside

The blocks in Prague will always begin on Friday evening (5-9 p.m. ) and will finish on Tuesday at 2 p.m.

Schedule 2019-2021

November 22-26, 2019

March 27-31, 2020

June 19-23, 2020

August 9-16, 2020

November 6-11, 2020


The whole program of 560 hours: EUR 4.200  (not including Practicum)

The program is designed to be completed in three years plus Practicum
The payment is paid annualy :

EUR  4200,- (minus 5 procent discount) is always paid 1 month prior to the teaching year,

or 4 payments of EUR 1400 according to a contract schedule

The Fee does not include expenses connected with our Summer week retreat (accommodation, food, etc.) Participant absence during the modules does not cancel the obligation to pay the annual fee unless there is an emergency and health reason.  Payment details will be included in the contract.


Facilitator/Teachers` Requirements:

1 .Practicum: After finishing the program, an eligible applicant is practising within the group

under the teacher`s supervision ( 5-7 day session).

2. Practice: The applicant is practising on his/her own with an individual or a group (12 sessions).

3. Final exam = Research project: written and demonstrated.


Rena Milgrom:

Smadar Emor: